Common Core Courses 2018-2019 Enrolment Statistics

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Course CodeCourse TitleSub-ClassQuotaNo. of Vacancies
Summer Semester
(I) Scientific & Technological Literacy
CCST9009 Living with Stem Cells (SCCE) A 60 60
CCST9026 Scientific Revolutions: Their Continuing Impact on Our World and Society (SCCE, UQM) A 60 60
CCST9054 War, Peace, and the Natural World (SCCE) A 100 100
(II) Humanities
CCHU9056 Virtual Worlds, Real Bodies (SCCE) A 20 20
CCHU9058 Nature in the City: Beyond the Concrete Jungle (SCCE) A 100 100
(III) Global Issues
CCGL9001 Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens A 60 60
CCGL9028 Gender, Health, and Globalization (SCCE) A 60 60
CCGL9034 Globalization and Architecture (SCCE) A 60 60

Thematic clusters:
SCCESustaining Cities, Cultures, and the Earth
UQMThe Universe and the Question of Meaning

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