Common Core Courses 2017-2018 Enrolment Statistics

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Course CodeCourse TitleSub-ClassQuotaNo. of Vacancies
No. of Applicants
Waiting for Approval
Summer Semester
(I) Scientific & Technological Literacy
CCST9003 Everyday Computing and the Internet A 45 27 0
CCST9053 Responding to Natural Disasters A 93 1 0
(II) Humanities
CCHU9058 Nature in the City: Beyond the Concrete Jungle A 60 2 0
(III) Global Issues
CCGL9042 The Evolution of Civilization A 89 9 0
(IV) China: Culture, State and Society
CCCH9047 Will the 'Real' China Please Stand Up?: Interpreting Chinese Civilization A 66 0 0

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